Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finally. It's a Miracle!

It only took a few tries, but BJ finally managed to walk on water.
That is to say, Blogger FINALLY let me upload new photos! ok, no, they're not really new but they ARE new to y'all!
Right before our intrepid doughy messiah ventured forth from the Big Apple (Satan's Panty Drawer itself) and marched (or trucked; I don't really know what the USPS does when transporting deified ornaments), Bear Jesus was able to visit the home of one David B - of the Occasional Fag - for his birthday.

Bear Jesus is sideways! With a banana on his head! This guarantees it was a great party.

Chef Mark poses with BJ. No, Mark, he's not edible, he's edifying!

BJ cuts the cheese (you knew it was coming. Come on).

Ron, Mikeypod and Tim Corrimal shoot the breeze with BJ after he performs his best gay party miracle: turning water into tequila.

After a few Margs, BJ decided he would host a meet and greet in his home.

First up: his mother, Mary! Glowing in the dark! And also impossibly smaller than he. And not a bear. Don't ask how these things happen. One doesn't question the mysteries and majesties of the Great Bear.

BJ! and a bear! a real bear! hmm, that bear looks a little limp-wristed to me, if you know what I mean. I guess it's not too surprising. It is a gay, gay home

BJ with mother Mary full of Phosphorous, gay Bear, some little blue alien thing, Notre Dame Cathedral (BJ kept pretending he was King Kong around it ALL NIGHT! He's such a kidder, that Jesus), and a very, very strong margarita.

So that's the shizzle, y'all! I hope you enjoyed this true walk down memory lane as much as I did trying to remember it. Fortunately, BJ gifted me with total recall before he left. Naturally, the little bugger didn't tell me he meant he was gifting me with total recall of b-movies from the 60s.
Sally forth, or some such.


Venus said...

lmao That was amazingly fabulous.. or fagulous.. whichever. *kisses*

Random Nicole said...

I love you, that was totally worth the wait. Awesome getting all the other podcaster guys too! Hi guys!

Southern Boy said...

I enjoy giving everyone a little antici...

See-ming Lee said...

You guys are CRAZY!