Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Furthering his quest for world domination

Our Furry Savior has offered up his image that we might prosper*


*prosper in the sense of making about fifty cents toward podcasting expenses. So maybe prosper not really the word. Anyway.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ok, So A Final Day In Florida...

Well, it's Bear Jesus's last day in the Sunshine State. He wanted to see downtown St. Pete, and so I took him to see our...um, beautiful...skyline. Ain't it grand?!?
Bear Jesus is standing in front of the Pier, one of our local Tourist Tra....uh, attractions. Shopping, mini-golf, fine dining...all under one roof - and that roof looks like an upside down pyramid.
Bear Jesus likes to take in the finer things in life. Here he is looking at a piece of art that overlooks Tampa Bay. he's questioning the asthetic qulaities while appreciating the artists passion of the sea Ahh, a last soaking in of the sun before going back in his box. It's mighty cold where he's going..Bear Jesus will miss palm trees most of all. But he's sure he will see more on his adventures. And if he doesn't, he'll just make some grow. I mean, come on...he IS Bear Jesus, after all...I am so glad to have been able to enjoy the Bear Jesus' company over the last few days. It's been fun finding places for him to go and things for him to see. I know that he is going to have a lot of fun with this guy here. And I know that said guy had a great idea for a place to take BJ when he gets into the Big Apple. If only I had thought of it first.

Take care, little buddy, go with Go....well, with yourself, I guess .Love,

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh! I Almost Forgot!!

Bear Jesus now has fredom rings to go with his crown!
Bear Pride, People!


Take Your Bear Jesus To Work Day

So, yesterday was not a god day for Taylor, so Bear Jesus spent the day in his little condo away from home, sleeping in his pink blanket. Today, Taylor took Bear Jesus to see where he works, and show him off to the crowd. Bear Jesus knows that many of the people Taylor works with have a good and twisted sense of humor, so they wanted their picture taken with him.Bear Jesus also met the cute fairy wrestler and christmas pug who sit on Taylor's desk at work.
Bear Jesus would like to meet the children that Taylor works with, but Taylor likes his job and thinks that may be a little inappropriate, so Bear Jesus will have to wait in the car. He may go visit Taffy today, however, and will try and do a little more sightseeing before going off to his next adventure.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ok, So A Lovely Sunday Evening.

(can you see him?)
Hey all!
Taylor here, updating you all on that latest and greatest with our little Bear Jesus. He mentioned he wanted to go to the beach and see all that Pinellas County has to offer, so He and I went to Pass-A-Grille Beach, my favorite beach in the county. While most of the Pinellas County Shoreline is all condos, hotels and sundries, Pass-A-Grille is almost entirely residential, and still feels like a honest to goodness beach community. Here are some of the pics we took tonight watching the sunset and trying to avoid the sand. It was really windy!

Afterwards, we needed to warm up a bit, so we went to my favorite watering hole. You really didn't think Bear Jesus was going to meet Taylor the Latte Boy and NOT have a latte, did you?!?!

Tomorrow, he'll get some decorations for his box, and a treat to go with him to his next adventure! More pics to come!!!

The Travels Continue....To Saint Petersburg, Florida

Yes, yes my brothers and sisters....I have made it to the west coast of the state of Florida, having been handed off by my decapitato....I mean my hosts, Michael and Kevin of Qcast Connections. I have been given to Taylor The Latte Boy and Taffy Carlisle Huffington of Pod Is My Copilot. Safely being driven to Saint Petersburg, I was met by Taylor's pugs, Otis and Rocco, who were not sure what to do with me at first. Needless to say, there was sniffing to be done...It was very cold in Saint Petersburg this morning. Well, cold for St. Pete, anyway. I decided to show my holiness WHILE showing the world what a chilly Florida morning looks like.
Of course, a Sunday morning would not be complete without me going to my favorite place or worship....
I also was fortunate enough to meet with a local celebrity. The Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Mike Alstott stopped by The Latte Boy's Place to "say hello." Taylor has an enourmous crush on Mr. Allstott and calls himself "Mrs. Alstott" from time to time.

My apologies, my children. That bunny just makes me so mad....

Well, I am off, as Taylor has promised to take me to the beach! More later!



Friday, January 18, 2008

Bear Jesus in Orlando, Part 2

Me: Hey, Bear Jesus! You just emptied our liquor cabinet and got a sunburn on your ass. What are you gonna do next?
BJ: I'm going to DisneyWorld!

And with that, we loaded up the car and headed for "The Most Magical Place on Earth". Having never been, His Holy Furriness got excited as we approached the gate to the Magic Kingdom.

Feeling He had a divine purpose, He asked that we visit the Haunted Mansion first. Perhaps He felt the need to cleanse some of the Happy Haunts there?

On the way in, He stopped and chatted with an old friend.

On the way out, He made some new ones.

Sadly, Splash Mountain was closed for refurbishing. This upset our Ursine Savior, as He hoped to check in on Brer Bear. So, a trip to Peter Pan's Flight was in order to raise His spirits. Alas and alack, PPF was too dark to capture the fun His Bruin-ness was having - so much fun, in fact, the He worked up quite an appetite for lunch.

After a bit of shopping, we all decided the crowds in the Magic Kingdom were un-BEAR-able (it being a holiday weekend and all), so we decided to head to Epcot. On the way out, BJ posed in front of Cinderella's Castle.

He even danced a bit: CLICK HERE!

And then it was on to Epcot!

On the way we had to, of course, capture Our Divine Grizzly in front of the "Big Ball"...

...which is, in reality, where Spaceship Earth is housed. Currently under renovation, SSE is occasionally opened to guests for dry-runs. Clearly, word had spread that Bear Jesus was enjoying Disney that day, so the seas parted and we were all able to take a ride. It really pays to know people.

After the ride, we perused the exhibits in both the Innoventions and Imagination pavilions. In the Imagination pavilion, BJ played around with the Kodak Picture Thingy, in which you take your photo, then add effects to it, and then it's supposed to be e-mailed... but we haven't received it yet. We then headed for shopping, and BJ picked up his first Disney souvenir - his own set of mouse ears.

We then headed to World Showcase to check out the updated Mexico ride. Note the mouse ears. He loves them so much, He refuses to let go of them. Disney has that effect on people.

Given our location (and His activities the prior evening), Bear Jesus wanted to stay and sample the many margaritas Mexico had to offer. We convinced him, however, that perhaps it was time to go so he could prepare Himself (and his box) for the next leg of his journey. And with that, BJ bid a fond farewell to his quick trip to DisneyWorld.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bear Jesus in Orlando, Part 1

It started out innocently enough. Bear Jesus arrived in Orlando safe and sound a few days ago and immediately claimed the most comfortable chair in the house. As is His right.

However, it seems His first night in a swinging bachelor pad (as opposed to the nuclear family units He's previously visited) was simply too much temptation for His Ursine-ness, and it wasn't long before He discovered the liquor cabinet. Things got out of control and He quite literally lost his head over the libations.

We Orlando disciples quickly sprung into action and set about mending the King of Kings, having to use rudimentary medical practices since we'd never been in contact with such Greatness before (and the supplies shipped with BJ didn't contain anything remotely adhesive...).

A (hopefully) successful surgery later, Bear Jesus was completely non-plussed by the injuries caused by His revelry and later decided a nude tanning session was in order to end His rather frantic day.

Tomorrow: Bear Jesus in DisneyWorld!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bear Jesus and his stay in Cajun Country

So BJ arrived from the Lone Star State with a little injury but after a quick ER trip he was good as new and got up to some serious shenanigans at my house. This bear has quite a wild streak!

Here is a little pictorial journey for you all to enjoy. I am going to try to get him wrapped and packed so he can head out on Monday morning to sunny Orlando, FL.

First BJ helped me out with some light office work, it was back to school last week after a holiday break.

BJ and Julian held a prayer vigil for my computer and we tried to fix it with a bew XP disc... but alas even the power of Bear Jesus was no match for my computer karma.

With the office work out of the way BJ decided he would try to commune with the local creatures. I'm not sure how well the taming of this beast went though, she looks less than thrilled.

Now, this may be a relationship I need to keep an eye on. She is a minor after all.

We tried to make BJ and comfy as possible during his stay.

O Hai, dis my cribz

He traveled around in style too, of course.

Though as with any child, I didn't approve of all of the friends he made. I'm not sure I want to know what kind of "ministering" he was doing with the Whores of Barbielon, either.

Oh my, a Mother never needs to see things like this.

He is being awfully forward with that little pony, oh my!

Finally after quite an eventful stay, it is time for BJ to go traveling on. We made his case just a little more fabulous. Note in the above pics, he now sports a pretty spiffy crown, only the best for our Ursine Saviour.