Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Take Your Bear Jesus To Work Day

So, yesterday was not a god day for Taylor, so Bear Jesus spent the day in his little condo away from home, sleeping in his pink blanket. Today, Taylor took Bear Jesus to see where he works, and show him off to the crowd. Bear Jesus knows that many of the people Taylor works with have a good and twisted sense of humor, so they wanted their picture taken with him.Bear Jesus also met the cute fairy wrestler and christmas pug who sit on Taylor's desk at work.
Bear Jesus would like to meet the children that Taylor works with, but Taylor likes his job and thinks that may be a little inappropriate, so Bear Jesus will have to wait in the car. He may go visit Taffy today, however, and will try and do a little more sightseeing before going off to his next adventure.


Random Nicole said...

You're killing me with awesomeness.

Will Radik said...

That is one ugly sculpture. Love the necklace.