Friday, January 18, 2008

Bear Jesus in Orlando, Part 2

Me: Hey, Bear Jesus! You just emptied our liquor cabinet and got a sunburn on your ass. What are you gonna do next?
BJ: I'm going to DisneyWorld!

And with that, we loaded up the car and headed for "The Most Magical Place on Earth". Having never been, His Holy Furriness got excited as we approached the gate to the Magic Kingdom.

Feeling He had a divine purpose, He asked that we visit the Haunted Mansion first. Perhaps He felt the need to cleanse some of the Happy Haunts there?

On the way in, He stopped and chatted with an old friend.

On the way out, He made some new ones.

Sadly, Splash Mountain was closed for refurbishing. This upset our Ursine Savior, as He hoped to check in on Brer Bear. So, a trip to Peter Pan's Flight was in order to raise His spirits. Alas and alack, PPF was too dark to capture the fun His Bruin-ness was having - so much fun, in fact, the He worked up quite an appetite for lunch.

After a bit of shopping, we all decided the crowds in the Magic Kingdom were un-BEAR-able (it being a holiday weekend and all), so we decided to head to Epcot. On the way out, BJ posed in front of Cinderella's Castle.

He even danced a bit: CLICK HERE!

And then it was on to Epcot!

On the way we had to, of course, capture Our Divine Grizzly in front of the "Big Ball"...

...which is, in reality, where Spaceship Earth is housed. Currently under renovation, SSE is occasionally opened to guests for dry-runs. Clearly, word had spread that Bear Jesus was enjoying Disney that day, so the seas parted and we were all able to take a ride. It really pays to know people.

After the ride, we perused the exhibits in both the Innoventions and Imagination pavilions. In the Imagination pavilion, BJ played around with the Kodak Picture Thingy, in which you take your photo, then add effects to it, and then it's supposed to be e-mailed... but we haven't received it yet. We then headed for shopping, and BJ picked up his first Disney souvenir - his own set of mouse ears.

We then headed to World Showcase to check out the updated Mexico ride. Note the mouse ears. He loves them so much, He refuses to let go of them. Disney has that effect on people.

Given our location (and His activities the prior evening), Bear Jesus wanted to stay and sample the many margaritas Mexico had to offer. We convinced him, however, that perhaps it was time to go so he could prepare Himself (and his box) for the next leg of his journey. And with that, BJ bid a fond farewell to his quick trip to DisneyWorld.


Walt said...

The mouse ears are a definite classy touch.

I love the cast members posing with BJ.

Eric said...

I admit it. The Bear Jesus has been having way more fun than I have in 2008 and I'm a little jealous. Just a little.
I love that some of the lovely ladies of Disney were impressed enough by his Bearness to pose for a photo with him, too!

Venus said...

The cast members posing with him, the mouse ears... I love it!