Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ok, So A Lovely Sunday Evening.

(can you see him?)
Hey all!
Taylor here, updating you all on that latest and greatest with our little Bear Jesus. He mentioned he wanted to go to the beach and see all that Pinellas County has to offer, so He and I went to Pass-A-Grille Beach, my favorite beach in the county. While most of the Pinellas County Shoreline is all condos, hotels and sundries, Pass-A-Grille is almost entirely residential, and still feels like a honest to goodness beach community. Here are some of the pics we took tonight watching the sunset and trying to avoid the sand. It was really windy!

Afterwards, we needed to warm up a bit, so we went to my favorite watering hole. You really didn't think Bear Jesus was going to meet Taylor the Latte Boy and NOT have a latte, did you?!?!

Tomorrow, he'll get some decorations for his box, and a treat to go with him to his next adventure! More pics to come!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the sunlight streaming through the stigmata!

Venus said...

Me too! And the "Where's BJ" pic. Great job!

Random Nicole said...

I knew Taylor would take good care of our precious bear! Good job!

kim beaver said...

Hahaha - God'll get you for that Taylor :))

Leslie said...

I love the creative photos! Especially, as Michael says, "the sunlight streaming through his stigmata."