Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ski Day

It is finally ski day! I am so excited. Frig took me gear shopping and I had a custom board AND custom skis made. They are awesome!

We loaded the car and headed up early. I was really excited and didn't even let Frig finish her coffee. Here we are arriving at the ski resort, Keystone:Wow, gearing up takes a long time. After several adjustments I was finally ready to board! Here I am catching a ride!

The ride was great ride, but I narrowly missed that tree. That would have been somewhat painful and wet. I decided to switch to skis.

Frig caught me in action. Here I am near the top:

....and zooming by Frig and my adoring fans who stopped to the bottom of the hill! Skiing and Boarding are awesome! It helps to be somewhat holy and avoid all that troublesome falling!

Definitely worth the trip to CO!

Weekdays 9-5 or 5-whenever....

Hey There! Bear Jesus here to give a little update on my CO stay. I've had a pretty quiet week or so while we plan for our upcoming ski trip. I was getting a little bored, so I asked Frig to take me to work and show me around. It took 4 days before she had even a small chance to let me look at her cube. No wonder everyone grumbles about work. Very bad idea, this work stuff. I didn't stay long. Here I am:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shopping and Miracles

Hello from sunny CO. It snowed last night, so I was hoping to get some skiing in, but only a few flakes fell and it was warm and windy all day. I had to settle for shopping. It's Frig's birthday today, so I was good with humoring her. I have to tell you though--I never thought I'd meet someone who liked purses as much as my Mom. If she was rich, she'd have a whole closet. Here I am in Frig's new purse. It was made of nice, nice leather--very soft and comfortable. I stayed there awhile. It felt good.
Since I am visiting, Frig decided to try to combine my saving powers with birthday luck. We picked up some scratch tickets and a Powerball ticket. Frig has no idea what she's doing with this Powerball stuff. Here I am blessing the tickets.
Ok, I tried my luck with Flying Aces. Sadly it was a bust.

I was just warming up. I moved on to Barrel of Monkeys. I know I can get her a winner here.

Crap, I busted again. Ok, I'll really get it right this time! 7*11*21. I like 11 and 21. I'm feeling lucky.

Well hell, I guess I'm going to have to work on this for a few days (maybe get a luckier quarter) and put all my woof-like powers into the Powerball Jackpot....... about that ski trip...that should be coming up soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I have arrived!

In so very many ways.

I escaped the evil clutches of DJB, thanks to NNBM, my favorite person now.

I also (about time) have my own Holy Fan Crusade Club (or something) on Facebook. NNBM put some really awesome pictures of me up there.

I am now safely in the hands of Frig and am looking forward to our mountain adventures.

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Woof! The Ursine Savior has arrived!

Well, here I am at my new destination. Frig let me out of the box right away. I gloried in fresh air and showed her all my souvenirs. She was pretty busy on the first day. Kept muttering about needing a maid and getting things cleaned up so she could take me out and show me around this place called CO.

I decided to give her a hand.

That was exhausting. At least she cheated and took the baking out of the freezer. I'm really starting to get thirsty.

She let me rest near Buddha. We had a nice long chat and caught up on the last 2000 years while she cleaned the carpets.Next I met this cute dog, but she made me nervous, so after a quick photo op, I went back to the kitchen to hang out.

I did find the wine, but it's not afternoon yet. I don't understand this rule of no wine in the morning. It is a holy drink. I will have to talk this over with father later. I settled for a glass of water. Don't tell her, but I turned it into wine before I drank it.
Ok, I am so tired from all this domestic activity, I am taking a nap while she goes to meet some friends. I really need to talk to Dad about getting her a maid. I'll be back later.