Saturday, March 7, 2009

Woof! The Ursine Savior has arrived!

Well, here I am at my new destination. Frig let me out of the box right away. I gloried in fresh air and showed her all my souvenirs. She was pretty busy on the first day. Kept muttering about needing a maid and getting things cleaned up so she could take me out and show me around this place called CO.

I decided to give her a hand.

That was exhausting. At least she cheated and took the baking out of the freezer. I'm really starting to get thirsty.

She let me rest near Buddha. We had a nice long chat and caught up on the last 2000 years while she cleaned the carpets.Next I met this cute dog, but she made me nervous, so after a quick photo op, I went back to the kitchen to hang out.

I did find the wine, but it's not afternoon yet. I don't understand this rule of no wine in the morning. It is a holy drink. I will have to talk this over with father later. I settled for a glass of water. Don't tell her, but I turned it into wine before I drank it.
Ok, I am so tired from all this domestic activity, I am taking a nap while she goes to meet some friends. I really need to talk to Dad about getting her a maid. I'll be back later.

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