Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ski Day

It is finally ski day! I am so excited. Frig took me gear shopping and I had a custom board AND custom skis made. They are awesome!

We loaded the car and headed up early. I was really excited and didn't even let Frig finish her coffee. Here we are arriving at the ski resort, Keystone:Wow, gearing up takes a long time. After several adjustments I was finally ready to board! Here I am catching a ride!

The ride was great ride, but I narrowly missed that tree. That would have been somewhat painful and wet. I decided to switch to skis.

Frig caught me in action. Here I am near the top:

....and zooming by Frig and my adoring fans who stopped to the bottom of the hill! Skiing and Boarding are awesome! It helps to be somewhat holy and avoid all that troublesome falling!

Definitely worth the trip to CO!

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