Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bear Jesus and his stay in Cajun Country

So BJ arrived from the Lone Star State with a little injury but after a quick ER trip he was good as new and got up to some serious shenanigans at my house. This bear has quite a wild streak!

Here is a little pictorial journey for you all to enjoy. I am going to try to get him wrapped and packed so he can head out on Monday morning to sunny Orlando, FL.

First BJ helped me out with some light office work, it was back to school last week after a holiday break.

BJ and Julian held a prayer vigil for my computer and we tried to fix it with a bew XP disc... but alas even the power of Bear Jesus was no match for my computer karma.

With the office work out of the way BJ decided he would try to commune with the local creatures. I'm not sure how well the taming of this beast went though, she looks less than thrilled.

Now, this may be a relationship I need to keep an eye on. She is a minor after all.

We tried to make BJ and comfy as possible during his stay.

O Hai, dis my cribz

He traveled around in style too, of course.

Though as with any child, I didn't approve of all of the friends he made. I'm not sure I want to know what kind of "ministering" he was doing with the Whores of Barbielon, either.

Oh my, a Mother never needs to see things like this.

He is being awfully forward with that little pony, oh my!

Finally after quite an eventful stay, it is time for BJ to go traveling on. We made his case just a little more fabulous. Note in the above pics, he now sports a pretty spiffy crown, only the best for our Ursine Saviour.


Walt said...

I love that BJ gets lovin' wherever he can find it!

Random Nicole said...

so awesome. i lurve you.

Anonymous said...

"Whores of Barbielon" - LOL, priceless!!

Eric said...

oh my god. I'm so excited! Where's he off to next? This is more suspenseful than the intermission of Cats!