Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bear Jesus in Orlando, Part 1

It started out innocently enough. Bear Jesus arrived in Orlando safe and sound a few days ago and immediately claimed the most comfortable chair in the house. As is His right.

However, it seems His first night in a swinging bachelor pad (as opposed to the nuclear family units He's previously visited) was simply too much temptation for His Ursine-ness, and it wasn't long before He discovered the liquor cabinet. Things got out of control and He quite literally lost his head over the libations.

We Orlando disciples quickly sprung into action and set about mending the King of Kings, having to use rudimentary medical practices since we'd never been in contact with such Greatness before (and the supplies shipped with BJ didn't contain anything remotely adhesive...).

A (hopefully) successful surgery later, Bear Jesus was completely non-plussed by the injuries caused by His revelry and later decided a nude tanning session was in order to end His rather frantic day.

Tomorrow: Bear Jesus in DisneyWorld!


Random Nicole said...

Nice operating theater! Good to see Himself is in good hands.

Will Radik said...

Infidels! Thou hast cleft the head of our savior from His holy body! Yea. Verily!

Eric said...

See, it's miracles like removing and reattaching one's own head that makes it clear we're dealing wth the king of kings...of bears.

Walt said...

I want to see Bear Jesus on Splash Mountain!

Celtic Frog said...

I'm not surprised his royal ursine lost his head over the spirits. Glad the surgery seemed to go well.

Venus said...

Nude tanning, drunken shenanigans... I knew he'd have fun with you boys.