Monday, May 19, 2008

Bear Jesus in Wine Country

So, my sister Nicole is one of the folks who started this whole thing. I have been looking forward to showing Bear Jesus a few of the things we do for fun out here. (Please keep in mind myself and my friends are all deviant geeks who love to play make-believe.) So, BJ has finally made it to my place in beautiful Napa Valley. While visiting, a few of the things God's Own Cub will participate in: the Vinhold Baronial Championship, a wine tasting, much Dungeons and Dragons role-playing, and a Beltane ritual.

Let's start with the Vinhold Baronial Championship, held this past April at Kennedy Park in Napa. First, BJ had to sign in and pay his site fee. Of course, this being Bear Jesus and all, his site fee was graciously covered by others.

Oh yeah, since the theme for this year's Championship was "Viking Raid!", BJ is sporting a lovely, handmade, shiny Viking Helmet. Which was harder to make than it might look, since he's a little, well, flat. Let's just say much duct tape was involved.

While visiting with the Constable, Bear Jesus got to learn a new pirate game called "Shut the Box".

Unfortunately, he won. Several times. The Constable was not happy.

Rest assured, BJ came away unscathed. The Constable would never truly hurt him. Unless he had a campfire and no fire extinguisher, or the fire wasn't at least 12" off the ground, or many other valid reasons for the Constable to be unhappy.

Here are a few of the wonderful Vinhold Scadians who had the honor of meeting and touching Bear Jesus.

The Lovely Alianora of Prymrose

Enchanting Aurelia de Montfort

and the Sensual Collette de Navarre

BJ got to participate in most of the activities that day. He helped the winning team in the Siege Cooking competition. His aid was, of course, essential to their win.

Bear Jesus helped set up the pigs for the Pig Spearing Contest.

And got to take an honorary shot at spearing one of the porcine offenders. It was a little surprised that Bear Jesus would spear it there. (Note: no actual pigs were harmed in any way, other than the ones we had as bacon at breakfast.)

And finally, BJ was witness to most spectacular event - the Great Fight Between James, Bearon of Vinhold and The Purple Sparkly Unipig of Doom! Unfortunately I do not have photos of this, but there is video available here. And here is a token shot of our Baron and the Unipig, taken after the fight.

Next up for Bear Jesus in Wine Country: Role-Playing with the Napa Valley Role Playing Guild (or some of the members, anyways).


Southern Boy said...

Who knew Bear Jesus was a fantasy geek, too?
Is their a Messiah Monster in the D&D compendium?

Southern Boy said...
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Venus said...

The viking helmet is awesome. I'm cracking up at the pics.

You did a great job!