Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bear Jesus takes part in two pagan rituals!

Okay, so I am obviously not on the net much or this would have been posted sooner. Here is a montage of some of the things Bear Jesus has been doing this summer. Unfortunately, some of the photos of his latest road trip are lost in the Bermuda Triangle of digital photos. I shall endeavor to find them before the next post.

So far BJ has participated in two pagan rituals - Beltane and a Fire Rite. The Fire Rite was a day long series of rituals to aid in calming the many wildfires rampaging through Northern California.

At the Beltane ritual Bear Jesus was honored to take the role of the god for the ceremonies.

bj ritual 2 (2) by you.

After he proudly took his place on the altar, the ritual commenced.

bj ritual 1 (2) by you.

As part of his duties for the ceremony, BJ was asked to bless the ancestral offerings.

bj ritual 3 (2) by you.

One of the offerings got a little frisky and managed to mount BJ.

bj ritual 4 (2) by you.

Then he was to aid the coven members in fulfilling the blessings we asked for by setting fire to them.

bj offering (2) by you.

Our Ursine Saviour had a great time performing his duties, and was only disappointed that he did not get to perform The Great Rite.

At the more recent Fire Rite, Bear Jesus was again a participant. Before we began, BJ paid special honor to the Green Man, and asked him to bless the ritual with success.

greenman (2) by you.

Bear Jesus gave the rituals a power boost by adding his energies to those of the coven members. Here is a shot of BJ on the altar.

bj fire rite (2) by you.

In the section of ritual dealing with fire, Bear Jesus attempted to sacrifice himself.

bj flames (2) by you.

We assured him this was not necessary and plucked him from the cauldron.

bj in the cauldron (2) by you.

Freshly saved, BJ tried to perform another miracle by turning water into wine.

bj fire ritual (2) by you.

Which didn't quite work out this time. (But Bear Jesus was successful in resurrecting a cat named Vlad earlier this summer. You see, I got a call that my friend's cat had been hit by a car and she was going to have a burial for him before she had to go to work. So I rushed over to support her, and BJ was along for the ride. We had just got everything set up for the funeral. The hole was dug, offerings placed, the deceased wrapped in a blankie and soft music playing in the background when.... Vlad walked right into the middle of the grave site and began cleaning himself. There are no photos of the miracle, as is usually the case, but we continue to thank Bear Jesus to this day. Long live Bear Jesus, Patron Saint of Dead and Undead Black Cats!)

The Fire Rite continued throughout the day and was a very positive experience. BJ took some time at the end to thank the goddess and god (symbolized by the figurine and dragon behind him) for their aid and the circle was opened.

bj fire rite1 (2) by you.

We ended the evening by gathering in the hot tub for a rain chant. Bear Jesus wanted to join us, and after a few modifications he jumped right in!

bj hottub 2 (2) by you.

bj hottub 6 (2) by you.

He may have needed help getting back out, but he sure enjoyed his first dunking!

bj hottub 4 (2) by you.

(Just so you know, he was double bagged for this adventure. So be sure to protect him if you try this at home!)

bj hottub 3 (2) by you.

Next up, BJ helps out at a yard sale and takes a road trip to Reno!

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Southern Boy said...

I love it! Bj is very game to go outside his religious experience, no?