Sunday, February 3, 2008

30 Minute Meals With Bear Jesus

BJ's at it again!

I made the two lovely margaritas above for me and my honey as I prepared to make lunch (mama needs tequila when she's in the kitchen, y'all). I took marg no. 1 into the living room to the BF and, when I returned...well, SOMEONE didn't bother with the water-into-wine thing.

Bad Bear Jesus! Not only did he drink half of it, but he did it on an empty stomach and passed right on out!
To make up for this, BJ promised he'd help me cook. Down below, he's diligently watching my butternut squash cook, waiting for that special moment when it's soft enough to mash into gnocchi.

I couldn't help but get into the action a bit myself, especially since BJ said that it would be a frivolous use of his miracle-making powers just to wave his hand and have instant lunch.

Still, he DOES know how to stir some squash!


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Random Nicole said...

Please don't eat the bear jesus. okthx.