Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Holy One Arrives!

After MANY fits and starts, His Holiness, the Bear Jesus, has arrived into NYC.
The lovely Taylor had carefully packaged and shipped BJ to my post office, conveniently located only a half block from my apartment. However, BJ's nemesis, Lucifaghag, had paid off his subjects in the local post office and the package wasn't available for pick up until this Monday.
Thanks to the location of my apartment to work, I could not get back in time each work day to pick up BJ.
Until TODAY!

I awoke this morning and grabbed BJ's parole form.

I headed out into the semi-cold (NYC has warmed a touch with the coming of BJ) and down the block to spring him from prison

(BJ had a very long stay here)

After waiting for the postal lady to get her Dunkin donut and coffee and dance with some other lady's package, I finally had BJ's cell in my hot little hands.

(No air holes! Praised be BJ that he doesn't need to breathe...those Asian meditation techniques even work for the Holy One!)

I ran back to the apartment to spring BJ from his box. No, I don't mean Mary Magdalene - she appears to be in fine shape, though.

(Mary has been tatted up)

I finally freed BJ and allowed him to breathe a little. All in all, he looks good for having been kept in prison for a week.

(BJ in repose)

(BJ meets the Boogs. It's not quite love at first sight.)

What's in store for BJ here in the Big Apple? Proselytizing in Times Square? Breaking a bialy with the Jews on the Lower East Side? Partying with the club twinks in Chelsea?
Stay tuned!


Taylor The Latte Boy said...

You do realize that Bear Jesus is pulling a Britney with the second picture from the bottom.

hee hee....bottom....

Venus said...

Fabulous, already. Oh Boogs, I just wanna schmush him!

Have fun with our boy, BJ.

Eric said...

I fully intend to! He'll go to work with me for sure and I'll take him to all the gay places I can think of!