Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bear Jesus Takes It to the Polls!

Today, Bear Jesus participated in that most lovely of American processes: the Presidential Primary.

I am totally breaking the law (breakin' the law, breakin' the law!) by shooting a candid photo of the polling place, but it's closed now, so hey. Plus, Jesus told me to.

We got into the voting booth and BJ instantly had a tough choice to make.

Would it be McCain? Or Huckabee. He does quote the Bible, after all. Ok, yeah, he quotes it to further his "marriage protecting, homo hating, anti-Jesus-pro-war" rhetoric, but he still says the name JESUS! A LOT! Tee-hee! Ergo, Christian.

Still, there's Barack Obama...and we all know Jesus was black, so now we're having a dilemma.

Wait! What's this? There's Hillary Clinton, Lucifaghag's avatar on Earth! Jesus does kind of owe Satan for all of that, "my dad needs you to be the nemesis and run Hell and torture people until I return and throw you in the lake of fire, too," so perhaps he should vote for her?

What to do.
What. To. Do.

Yay, democracy!
Also, go women!


G$s Honey said...

I should have written in Bear Jesus for Green Party President candidate! Imagine the popularity?

Keep up the wonderful work ladies! You two are awesome!

Random Nicole said...

Wow. I was so worried he was going with Huckabee. Thank you, BJ.