Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shopping and Miracles

Hello from sunny CO. It snowed last night, so I was hoping to get some skiing in, but only a few flakes fell and it was warm and windy all day. I had to settle for shopping. It's Frig's birthday today, so I was good with humoring her. I have to tell you though--I never thought I'd meet someone who liked purses as much as my Mom. If she was rich, she'd have a whole closet. Here I am in Frig's new purse. It was made of nice, nice leather--very soft and comfortable. I stayed there awhile. It felt good.
Since I am visiting, Frig decided to try to combine my saving powers with birthday luck. We picked up some scratch tickets and a Powerball ticket. Frig has no idea what she's doing with this Powerball stuff. Here I am blessing the tickets.
Ok, I tried my luck with Flying Aces. Sadly it was a bust.

I was just warming up. I moved on to Barrel of Monkeys. I know I can get her a winner here.

Crap, I busted again. Ok, I'll really get it right this time! 7*11*21. I like 11 and 21. I'm feeling lucky.

Well hell, I guess I'm going to have to work on this for a few days (maybe get a luckier quarter) and put all my woof-like powers into the Powerball Jackpot....... about that ski trip...that should be coming up soon.

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Random Nicole said...

if that lottery ticket wins, he needs to come home STAT. i'm just sayin